San Francisco

The City by the Bay.  Fog City.  Paris of the West. The Golden Gate City. These are just a few of the evocative nicknames San Francisco has inspired.  Whatever you call it, San Francisco is world-renowned for its reputation for tolerance and its long and storied history.  The California Gold Rush, the 1906 earthquake and the 1967 Summer of Love are just three of many highlights. What is less well-known is that this combined city-county is only the 13th-largest city in the country, home to 805,000 people (and 50 hills).

City Hall Fellows has deployed cohorts to San Francisco every year since we first launched in 2008.  Our San Francisco Fellows have worked on many of the city’s most cutting-edge initiatives, including HealthySF, GoSolarSF, BankonSF and SFGreasecycle.  They have saved taxpayers millions of dollars without service cuts by re-designing municipal programs and streamlining municipal services.  They have deployed next-generation technologies to speed up road repairs and decrease bus wait times. They have piloted groundbreaking alternative energy programs; helped bring municipal water, sewage and civil service systems into the 21st century and educated thousands of low-income residents about city services and their rights under city laws.

San Francisco Magazine dubbed us “Best of the Bay Area 2008 – Best Political Foot in the Door”.  American City & County Magazine named our San Francisco program a “2011 Crown Community”.  Our San Francisco program also was a key part in our partner, the San Francisco Department of Human Resources, winning the first-ever Award for Workforce Excellence in 2011 from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence.


“City Hall Fellows has been an important partner in our effort to provide a higher level of service to the citizens of San Francisco while at the same time investing in the training of the next generation of public sector managers. In an era of diminished resources, the program has given us a significant return on our investment in it.”

– Ben Rosenfield, Controller, City & County of San Francisco

Meet the San Francisco Fellows

Meet the 2013 San Francisco Fellows

Rachel Alonso, Alex Barnett, Elizabeth Chan, Kate Cohen, Willy Elman, Ari Frink, Thomas Gonzales, Lindsay Goodwin, Caroline Matthes, Danielle Mayorga, Erick Orantes, Angel Quicksey, Matthew Spring, Belle Yan

Meet the 2012 San Francisco Fellows

Jessica Cassella, Shaibya Dalal, Nicolas De Anda-Scaia, Leah Fraimow-Wong, Peter Gallotta, Carla Hansen, Janice Levy, Jamie Querubin, Wylie Timmerman, Kelvin Vuong

Meet the 2011 San Francisco Fellows

Eliot Chang, Megan Degeneffe, Marielle Earwood, Danielle Fitts, Luke Fuller, Katherine Martinez, Whitney Ramos, Elaine Sullivan, Ryan Wythe

Meet the 2010 San Francisco Fellows

Shyamali Choudhury, Rance Graham-Bailey, Adeel Iqbal, Jason Karpman, Miki Litmanovitz, Richard Whipple

Meet the 2009 San Francisco Fellows

Brett Baker, Andrew Braver, Stevon Cook, Todd Feiler, Kelsey Finch, Guianna Henriquez, Jessica Huey, Rachel Kinney, Mai Le, Rosalyn Reed, Tedde Tsang


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Key Local Supporters


Jeffrey Gersick
Cindy Hwang Chiang


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Want to know more?  Want to help?  Work for CCSF and want to have a Fellow in your office?  Please contact San Francisco Program Director Michael Rocco: or 415-971-2108.

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