Sergio Manrique (SF2016)

2015-08-02 052Placement: SF Dept. of Children, Youth & their Families

My Hometown: Fusagasuga, Colombia- South America

My Education: Williams College, BA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies (Contract Major)

Selected Honors: Graduated with honors; Senior Honors Thesis in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies; Robert L. Gaudino Memorial Fellowship; Robert G. Wilmers, Jr., Travel Abroad Fellowship.

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: In college, I undertook two major transnational ethnographic studies. To do this, I travelled to several countries around the world exploring the influence of popular culture on different nations’ political, social, and economic structures. I also wrote my senior thesis about the epistemological and cultural importance of fandom of Latina divas like Selena Quintanilla, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez under the umbrella of Critical Theory. I used widely known figures as an effort to make Post-Structuralism, 19th century philosophy, Critical Race Theory, and Queer Theory, among others, accessible and relatable to people who are not used to read complex philosophical texts.

Why San Francisco is important to me: San Francisco is important to me because of its history of social change and cultural resistance. As someone who is not native to the city, I understand my positionality as a guest that is so fortunate to occupy a space in this community. As a guest, I also comprehend the imperative duty to respect and honor the history and culture of the place that I am being welcomed to.

Something unique about me: I created my own major in college and lovingly I named it “Jennifer Lopez Studies.” Even though that was not the final official name, I still proudly tell everyone that I majored in J.Lo.

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